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All generators are rated in Kilowatts (KW). This table will allow you to compute how large a generator (in KW) you need to service the desired loads. Pay attention to the figures in the “Load (in KW)” column. This will let you see which items substantially increase the size and cost of your system. The values below are approximations only. Formal calculations will be conducted and submitted with your permit package.

Type of Load

Load (in KW)


Total Load

3 Ton Air Conditioner

7.5 KW



4 or 5 Ton Air Conditioner

10 KW




1.5 KW



Electric water heater

4.5 KW



15 amp receptacle or lighting circuit

1.2 KW




1.5 KW



Electric range/oven

12 KW



-hp pool or well pump

2 KW



Total load (in KW)


Air Conditioner load ( in KW)




First 10 KW of the remaining load

10 KW



Remaining load multiplied by 0.4 and enter it here




Total generator size needed for your application


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